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what is sobject in salesforce?

An sObject is any object which will be keep within the platform info. Apex permits the employment of generic sObject abstract sort to represent any object. The Account sObject is Associate in Nursing abstraction of the account record Associate in Nursingd holds the account field data in memory as an object. Learning Objectives of …

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salesforce trigger interview questions

In this Post We Will Completely Discuss about the salesforce trigger interview questions which will be very helpful for the aspirants to recap their preparation in which we have discussed the best interview questions on triggers in salesforce which are the best in 2021 for the purpose of preparation. Q. What is a Trigger?Answer : Apex triggers alter you to …

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how to create master detail relationship in salesforce ?

Master-detail relationship is like parent-child relationship wherever, master represents a parent and detail represents a baby during which master object controls some behaviors of the detail object. Like whenever a Master object record is deleted then the detail object associated with it conjointly gets deleted. Get a decent investment from knowledge through one amongst the …

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