Terms Of Services

SVR Technologies is an Educational Service Center to every individual user that allow members to study interactive IT courses and educational training resources online. It allows, In certain circumstances, Community members to communicate with each other.

Terms Applying to all of our client agreements

In consideration of the agreement made herein, And for other good valuable consideration, The receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledgement, Each party should agree as follows..

1. Definitions

For the purposes of these terms: Headings, Number and Gender. The headings of each sections,  paragraphs are inserted for only convenience and shall not be deemed to constitute part of this agreement or to affect the construction therefore. The use in this agreement of singular, Plural, Feminine and neuter pronouns shall include the others as the context may require.

‘We’ and ‘Us’ means stone-bridge of SVR Institute, Who will provide the services to you. ‘You’ means the student receiving the services. ‘Course’ means a online learning course or course designed and developed by us including all revisions and updates to such course’s as we make from time to time. ‘Course Materials’ means the online material related to any one of the course, Together with all revisions and updates made by us from time to time. Which may be in any format and which are essential for the student to complete the course.

2. Your Responsibilities

We affirm that the course will meet a satisfactory level of quality. However, We do not affirm that they will be error free. You are responsible for inspecting the course materials and inform us if any modification found. We allocate time for completion of your course, so you need finish in a given time (Online Training). There will be no specific limit for video training students. You are required to notify us, if you want to take long break during the course else money will not be refunded.

3. Changing the training course

If you want to transfer from existing course to the new course. It’s possible but discount will not be provided in either of the course. Incase if you want to middle drop from the existing course and want to continue to the new course the leftover money of the existing course will not be refunded.

4. Practical Training

The topics covered during the practical training will be as same as possible to those stated on the website. However, if we are obliged to make any minor changes to your practical training we reserve the right to do so and may inform you as soon as possible. All outstanding course fees must be paid in full or in two installments at least one day before your practical training is due to commence. Any materials will be offered free with the course, e.g. the Free demo and Free videos, will be given to you on the particular sessions on same day.

Note: 1.Demo will be given before you register with us on our site.

Note: 2. No Software will be given during the session period.

5. Payment

Fee will be reasonable, compared to competetors. We will let you know it, once you discussed requirements with the faculty in free demo session. All outstanding debts to us must be made before issuing the certificate. If you are using a credit agreement and paying for the course by installments, you agree to pay the installments promptly and on the dates specified in the credit agreement, irrespective of the speed at which you are studying. If you are paying by installments and your card is declined or we miss a payment for any other reason, we will notify you by email and Phone.

6. Refund Policy

If I cancel my enrollment, will I get the refund?

If you are enrolled in classes and/or have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reason, you should inform svr team before you attend 2nd class to get 100% Refund. Refund will be processed on prorated basis, If you inform on or after 2nd class. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of prior request.

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