Apache Spark Training

Apache Spark Training course taught by 10+ years experienced working professional. 100% practical course with real-time projects and Lifetime Access to Digital library. Sample Resume and Fast-track or  1 to 1 classes. Course Duration: 30+ hours.

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of database, SQL and query language

Apache Spark Training Course Content

  • What is Hadoop platform
  • Why Hadoop platform
  • What is Spark
  • Why spark
  • Evolution of Spark
  • Functional Programing Vs Object Orient Programing
  • Scalable language
  • Scala Overview
  • Configuring Apache Spark
  • JAVA Setup
  • SCALA Editor
  • Interpreter
  • compiler
  • Benefits of Scala
  • Language Offerings
  • Type inferencing
  • Variables
  • Functions
  • Control Structures
  • Vals
  • Arrays
  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Sets
  • Maps
  • Traits and Mixins
  • Classes and Objects
  • First class functions
  • Clousers
  • Inheritance
  • Sub classes
  • Case Classes
  • Modules
  • Pattern Matching
  • Exception Handling
  • FILE Operations
  • Spark Shell
  • Parallel Programming
  • context
  • RDD
  • Transformations
  • Programming with RDD
  • Actions
  • Broadcast Variables
  • Accumulators
  • Spark Streaming
  • MLlib
  • GraphX
  • Spark SQL
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Apache Spark Training Online

Usually, We provide a 1-hour class from Monday through Friday. We can also arrange fast-track and one to one classes at no extra charges.
Apache Spark is a lightning-fast distributed general-purpose cluster-computing framework, designed for fast computation.

We hire working Professionals with high relative domain experience. They are good at technical skills and communication skills.

Apache Spark is used for processing and analyzing a large amount of data. Like Hadoop MapReduce, Apache Spark also works with the system to allocate data across the cluster and process the data.
It will take 30+ hours to complete the course. If you are familiar with basic knowledge of database, SQL and query language you can learn quickly in 3-4 weeks if you are learn in a systematic way.
Apache Spark is basically called as computer programming language based on Ada programming language.

CV, Interview Preparation

The instructor will share a sample resume before course completion. During course, you can seek the faculty’s help to make your CV. We’ll give you interview question answers.

Yes, Faculty will help you at the end of the course.
Yes, we'll provide you the sample resume.
We can provide you interview question answers. The course covered some real-time examples. These examples might help you.

Our training covered as many real-time examples as we can. This course may equivalent to 2-3 years of real experience. You have to work hard if you are aimed at 4+ years of experience.

No. We don't give you assurance. We may give you some references to attempt.
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Apache Spark Certification

We’ll guide you on how to get certified as Apache Spark Architect. Our course isn’t aiming to get certified but covered real-time examples. Course helpful to get a job and fulfilling day to day activities in the office.
No. We aren't focused on certification.
We aren't suggesting that, but that's your wish. We don't encourage it but talk to support for help. Support people might help you to find the way. It's not part of the course.
We don't give you any assurance.
Please come with an exam code. We'll guide you further.

Apache Spark Architect Salary, Career

Apache Spark has turned out to be a rapidly grown tool for Big Data and Analytics. In the recent few years, it has been supported by multiple companies across the globe as it offers great career opportunities.

The average salary for big data analytic experts in the non-managerial role is 8.5 lakhs INR, while the managers can earn an average of 16 lakhs.
Apache Spark is opening up various opportunities for big data examination and making it easier for administrations to solve several kinds of big data problems. Spark is the fastest technology now, not simply among the data engineers. However, the even majority of data scientists highly prefer to work with Spark. Apache spark has a good career in
  • Telecommunication/Networking.
  • Banking and Finance.
  • Retail.
  • Software.
  • Media and Entertainment.
  • Consulting.
  • Healthcare.
  • Manufacturing etc.
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    Apache Spark Project Support

    We can provide job support for an additional fee. Contact the support team for fee details. You can choose either the hourly rate or monthly fee.
    Yes, for an additional fee. We'll assign an expert to finish your job. Job support is different from training.
    You can choose between hourly rate and monthly fee. Rate depending on some factors like time, difficulty, and profile.

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