Cognos Online Training

Cognos Online Training course taught by 12+ years experienced working professional. 100% practical course with real-time projects and Lifetime Access to Digital library. Sample Resume and Fast-track or  1 to 1 classes. Course Duration: 25+ hours.

Pre-requisites: Basic Knowledge of SQL and Computer usage skills.

cognos online training

Cognos Training Course Topics

  • Introduction to DWH
  • Characteristics of DWH
  • Data Warehouse Concepts
  • Data mart Vs Data Warehouse
  • Data warehousing architecture
  • OLAP vs OLTP
  • Business Intelligence Concepts
  • ETL Concepts
  • Reporting Concepts
  • Industry leading ETL and Reporting tools
  • Define Fact, dimension and identifier
  • Star schema and Snowflake schema
  • Slowly changing dimension
  • About Cognos 10.1
  • 3 – Tier Cognos 10.1 Architecture
  • Cognos Connection
  • Query Studio
  • Event Studio
  • Report Studio
  • Analysis Studio
  • Framework Manager
  • Log on to Cognos Connection
  • Models and Packages
  • Create a URL Create a shortcut
  • Properties of an Entry
  • Search for an Entry
  • Bookmark an Entry
  • Personalize the portal
  • Scheduling and manage reports
  • Create Jobs
  • Introduction
  • Features in Query Studio
  • About Ad-hoc Reports
  • Types of Report (List, Cross Tab, Chart Reports & Others)
  • Applying Filters, Prompts & Calculations
  • Sorting, Grouping, Sections & Aggregate Functions
  • Apply page break on Reports
  • Run and Manage reports
  • Define custom group
  • Conditional formatting
  • Expand and Collapse groups
  • Apply Swap and Rows on Reports
  • Prompts & Advanced Reports
  • Include Prompts
  • Build Prompt Page Tool
  • Prompts & Prompt Page
  • Insert prompts into the report
  • Manage changes in the model
  • Conditional Formats
  • Drill-through reports
  • Master-detail reports
  • Introduction to Active reports
  • Key Features
  • Purpose
  • Active Report structure
  • Row Number
  • Variable Text item
  • Deck & Data Deck objects
  • Tab Control& Data Tab Control
  • Button Bar & Data Button Bar
  • Toggle Button Bar & Data Toggle Button Bar
  • Radio Button Group & Data Radio Button Group
  • Check Box Group & Data Check Box Group
  • Introduction to Framework Manager
  • Objects to work with – Projects, Models, Query subjects, etc
  • Create a project
  • Work with Metadata
  • Multilingual Reports
  • Manage Projects
  • Work with dimensions
  • Modify properties of Query Items
  • Create a filter
  • Organize the model
  • Verify models
  • Create & modify packages
  • Access to metadata
  • Publish a package
  • Authorization
  • Cognos Namespaces
  • Application security
  • Users, Groups & Roles
  • Access Permissions
  • Initial Security setup
  • Content Store security
  • Deployment Specs & Planning
  • Deploy Cognos Entries
  • Basic event Studio structure
  • Working with different Tasks
  • Managing the Task execution rules
  • Reordering the tasks
  • Work with New calculation item
  • Running the event report
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Cognos Training Online

Usually, We provide a 1-hour class from Monday through Friday. We can also arrange fast-track and one to one classes at no extra charges.

We hire working Professionals with high relative domain experience. They are good at technical skills and communication skills.

The significant topics of the Cognos reports and dashboard training hold Cognos Architecture, Elements of Cognos Training, Analysis Studio, OLTP mode, Query Studio, Advance report designing, Cognos Framework Manager and Cognos Administration. As the component of this Cognos Online training, you will learn about the current Cognos Analytics 11 user interface, data modules, and the new dashboarding feature.

At Present we provide a variety of IBM Cognos Online training suites like Cognos 10 BI, Planning and TM1. Cognos online videos are worked on Online Sessions and Corporate Training. Our instructors are all qualified Cognos consultants who can give valuable, practical, real-world examples of how the software is employed in Projects.

Every course is inscribed by experienced Cognos experts with real-life experience of the products. It will focus on giving candidates a hands-on Practical Training of how the product is applied within organizations, our coaching programs are an outstanding starting point for beginners.

Cognos Online Training Course Trainer Profile

1. Sophisticated, dynamic and supportive, our staff of personal trainers is the technically best. Possessing more than 9+ Years of experience in design, Development, and Implementation of application in Client server context using Cognos Suite

2. Mighty knowledge of Cognos TM1.

3. IBM Cognos Certification Candidates

4. Intellectual proficiency in writing SQL Queries

5. Good Experience in Data Warehousing concepts. (Cognos Online training)

6. Genuine Communication, interpersonal and performance skills.


In this Cognos Online Training, you will run on real-life projects and it will make you for IBM Certified Developer – Cognos BI Data Warehouses exam.

Thus you learn the subject in a very structured way and are more advantageous than classroom training. We provide you the Video Training Class of Cognos, which helps you to learn cognos online at your own time convenience. Cognos online tutorial the course is presented at the lowest fee and online video lectures. SVR Technologies is one of the leading online institutions for Cognos Training Online. We give you accurate training. By the completion of the Cognos Online Training, we will present you the Demand for the Cognos Certified Persons. Presently, the technology has changed once if you are in Online Training, you can directly experience the difference.

This SVR Cognos Online Training outfits you for several coveted abilities in the Business Intelligence & Analytics domain. IBM Cognos Training is the most extensive tools to derive Information from mounts of data and this training furnishes you the skill set needed for extracting and modifying that data into analytical acumens. Cognos Online Training courses 11 is a unique tool to come from the IBM Cognos stables. It is aimed more towards the self-service business intelligence market. Today’s fast-paced businesses specifically demand (salesforce training) a tool like Cognos 11 due to which there is a tremendous demand for specialists who can work with this tool.

Cognos online training course will produce you to complete the proficiency in the IBM Cognos Analytics Author V11 C2090-621 certification. The whole course content is designed according to the requirement of the certification. Once if you score at least 60% marks in the qualifying exam and achieve the project work then your career begins with MNCs like Cisco, Standard Chartered, Sony, Ericsson, TCS, and others.

CV, Interview Preparation

The instructor will share a sample resume before course completion. During course, you can seek the faculty’s help to make your CV. We’ll give you interview question answers.

Yes, Faculty will help you at the end of the course.
Yes, we'll provide you the sample resume.
We can provide you interview question answers. The course covered some real-time examples. These examples might help you.

Our training covered as many real-time examples as we can. This course may equivalent to 2-3 years of real experience. You have to work hard if you are aimed at 4+ years of experience.

No. We don't give you assurance. We may give you some references to attempt.
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Cognos Certification

We’ll guide you on how to get certified as Cognos developer. Our course isn’t aiming to get certified but covered real-time examples. Course helpful to get a job and fulfilling day to day activities in the office.

No. We aren't focused on certification.
We aren't suggesting that, but that's your wish. We don't encourage it but talk to support for help. Support people might help you to find the way. It's not part of the course.
We don't give you any assurance.

Please come with an exam code. We'll guide you further.

For those who want to get have certification in this IT domain, the options available are:

IBM Certified Solution Expert – Cognos BI
IBM Certified Designer – Cognos 10 BI Reports
IBM Certified Developer – Cognos 10 BI OLAP Models
IBM Certified Developer – Cognos 10 BI Scorecards

Specialists all over the world believe that enrolling in Cognos Training is one of the best decisions of life. This is because one can easily keep up the speed with his/her career. There are no hard requirements to fulfill actually. Anyone who has basic knowledge of Technology can proceed with this training course simply.

Cognos Developer Salary, Career

High-grade Cognos Training people are paid very well and worth what they are paid or more in this job field. Strong and growing.

The average salary for a Cognos Software Developer in India is ₹517,327.

IBM Cognos Fresher Salaries.

The typical IBM Fresher salary is ₹4,26,050.

Fresher salaries at IBM can range from ₹2,79,500 - ₹4,35,431.
IBM Cognos Training provides a good vary of options and might be considered as an enterprise Software package to produce a versatile reporting setting and can be used for big and medium enterprises. ... The Future Scope of IBM Cognos: Cognosmay be a leading Business software and performance management tool.

Job Opportunities On Cognos

  • We Found that IBM Cognos is in the top position of Business Intelligence & Analytics Vendors – Gartner Report
  • An IBM Cognos BI Developer can get a Pay of $102,000 (Cognos Online Training)
  • According to the Research, Global Business Intelligence and Analytics Market to Reach $16.9 Billion in 2016.
Cognos is a leading Business software and performance management tool. It enables organizations to become top-performing and analytics-driven entities. It is designed to help everyone in your organization make the decisions that achieve better business outcomes, flexible deployment options, and to enable you to easily scale your analytics to meet changing business needs.

Every US Government Agency is using IBM Cognos and if not at all, almost all Fortune 100 Companies, and a large percent of Fortune 500 firms. American management is looking for loyal and faster ways of ‘sharpening the pencil’ in light of international-world market competition. In a very competitive field, IBM Cognos is the leader.
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Cognos Project Support

We can provide job support for an additional fee. Contact the support team for fee details. You can choose either the hourly rate or monthly fee.
Yes, for an additional fee. We'll assign an expert to finish your job. Job support is different from training.
You can choose between hourly rate and monthly fee. Rate depending on some factors like time, difficulty, and profile.

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