PL SQL Online Training

PL SQL Online Training course taught by 10+ years experienced working professional. 100% practical course with real-time projects and Lifetime Access to Digital library. Sample Resume and Fast-track or  1 to 1 classes. Course Duration: 25+ hours.

Pre-requisites: No-Prerequisites.

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PL SQL Online Training

Usually, We provide a 1-hour class from Monday through Friday. We can also arrange fast-track and one to one classes at no extra charges.

This PL SQL online training will provide a basic understanding of PL/SQL. This PL SQL online training will briefly cover the main concepts behind PL/SQL and provide brief examples illustrating the important facets of the language. 

We hire working Professionals with high relative domain experience. They are good at technical skills and communication skills.

01. SQL server Basics

02. SQL server architecture (physical and logical)

03. SQL server installation

04. Database overview

05. Backup and recovery

06. SQL server Security and access management

07. Jobs / automation

08. Database Maintenance

09. Indexing

10. Statistics update

11. Database shrinking

12. Integrity

13. High availability

14. Log shipping

15. Mirroring

16 .Replication.

17. Always-On high availability.

18. Clustering

19. Index management

20. Performance issues

21. IO/CPU/Memory bottlenecks.

22. Query performance issues

23. Performance monitor/ Profiler/extended events.

24. Real-time classes:

25. Incident management

26. Change management

27. Problem management

28. Incident vs problem

29. Real time environment

30. Real time performance issues.

31. Monitoring system…etc

Most of the information contained in this PL SQL online training is DIRECTLY extracted from PL/SQL user’s guide and reference and all credit should be given to ORACLE. PL/SQL is Oracle’s procedural language extension to SQL, the relational database language.

PL/SQL fully integrates modern software engineering features such as data encapsulation, information hiding, overloading, and exception handling, and so brings state-of-the-art programming to the ORACLE Server and a variety of ORACLE tools. PL/SQL is designed specifically for the seamless processing of SQL commands. (oracle-12c-training-online) PL/SQL stored and compiled in the database, runs within the oracle executable and inherits the robustness, security and portability of the oracle database. It allows declaration of constants and variables of those types and triggers PL/SQL units such as procedures, functions, packages, types and triggers, which are stored in the database by applications that use any of the oracle database programming interfaces.

PL/SQL includes procedural language elements such as conditions and loops. PL/SQL is Oracle Corporation’s procedural extension for SQL and the oracle relational database. PL/SQL is a completely portable, high-performance transaction-processing language. PL SQL online training provides a built-in interpreted and OS independent programming environment.PL/SQL can also directly be called from the command-line SQL*Plus interface. Direct call can also be made from external programming language calls to database.PL/SQL’s general syntax is based on that of ADA and Pascal programming language. Apart from Oracle, PL/SQL is available in Times Ten in-memory database and IBM DB2.PL/SQL is tightly integrated with Slit offers extensive error checking. It offers numerous data types. PL SQL online training offers a variety of programming structures. It supports structured programming through functions and procedures. PL/SQL supports both static and dynamic SQL. Static SQL supports DML operations and transaction control from PL/SQL block. Dynamic SQL is SQL allows embedding DDL statements in PL/SQL blocks. PL/SQL allows sending an entire block of statements to the database at one time. This reduces network traffic and provides high performance for the applications.

PL SQL online training can place declarations close to where they are used. The declarations are local to the block and cease to exist when the block completes. SVR Technologies provides a rich, engaging, live classroom environment that allows students to easily interact with instructors and fellow students in-person and virtually. In addition, just like our traditional instruction, PL SQL online training includes SVR Technologies on Demand to provide access to the technologies covered in the training. This PL SQL online training allows students to test, apply, and practice the skills they are PL/SQL online learning on real equipment in real time. Lab materials are also available outside of class times so that students can continue to study and learn real world applications. PL/SQL is not case-sensitive, so lower-case letters are equivalent to corresponding upper-case letters except within string and character literals. A delimiter is a simple or compound symbol that has a special meaning to PL/SQL. For example, you use delimiters to represent arithmetic operations such as addition and subtraction. You use identifiers to name PL SQL online training program objects and units, which include constants, variables, exceptions, cursors, subprograms, and packages.

Many Oracle Development positions require or prefer people who have Java skills. A lot of people tend to go with more Oracle development projects rather than general Java development work because you will get exposure to a wider array of tools, technologies, and methodologies. Also the pay is on the top tier if you are an all-in-one Oracle developer. With PL/SQL online training, you can use SQL statements to manipulate online Oracle training course data and flow-of-control statements to process the data. Moreover, you can declare constants and variables, define subprograms (procedures and functions), and trap runtime errors. Thus, PL SQL online training combines the data manipulating power of SQL with the data processing power of procedural languages. PL/SQL is a block-structured language. That is, the basic units (procedures, functions, and anonymous blocks) that make up a PL/SQL program are logical blocks, which can contain any number of nested sub-blocks. Typically, each logical block corresponds to a problem or sub problem to be solved. A PL SQL online training lets you group logically related declarations and statements. Just like our physical classrooms, students attending training through, PL SQL online training have a real time, live instructor led student experience.

CV, Interview Preparation

The instructor will share a sample resume before course completion. During course, you can seek the faculty’s help to make your CV. We’ll give you interview question answers.

Yes, Faculty will help you at the end of the course.
Yes, we'll provide you the sample resume.
We can provide you interview question answers. The course covered some real-time examples. These examples might help you.

Our training covered as many real-time examples as we can. This course may equivalent to 2-3 years of real experience. You have to work hard if you are aimed at 4+ years of experience.

No. We don't give you assurance. We may give you some references to attempt.
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PL SQL Certification

We’ll guide you on how to get certified as SQL Developer. Our course isn’t aiming to get certified but covered real-time examples. Course helpful to get a job and fulfilling day to day activities in the office.

No. We aren't focused on certification.
We aren't suggesting that, but that's your wish. We don't encourage it but talk to support for help. Support people might help you to find the way. It's not part of the course.
We don't give you any assurance.
Please come with an exam code. We'll guide you further.

PL SQL Salary, Career

A DBA position in MS SQL is one of the best positions in a company once you learn the databases as well as the securities that are required by each individual company or government. There is always new things to learn with each update that Microsoft puts out.

  • A Senior Database Administrator (DBA) earns an average salary of Rs 959,626 per year. Experience strongly influences income for this job. Skills that are associated with high pay for this job are Oracle RAC, Shell Scripting, and UNIX.
SVR Technologies gives PL SQL online training live gives you an effective and proven online learning option with an extensive learning catalog and the freedom to attend from virtually anywhere. The SVR Technologies platform effectively delivers our unrivaled Traditional Instructor Led PL SQL online training learning experience directly to students at the SVR Technologies center or anywhere the student wants to take the class. PL/SQL gives high productivity to programmers as it can query, transform, and update data in a database. PL/SQL saves time on design and debugging by strong features, such as exception handling, encapsulation, data hiding, and object-oriented data types. Applications written in PL/SQL are fully portable. PL SQL online training provides high security level. PL/SQL provides access to predefined SQL packages.PL/SQL provides support for Object-Oriented Programming. The future for PL/SQL developers is great right now! Oracle technology has been hot for the past 15-20 years and still is. Companies are on the lookout for skilled PL SQL online training developers. They are especially looking for all-in-one Oracle developers who are skilled in PL/SQL. The PL SQL online training helps you in landing into a good job and helps you achieve success.
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PL SQL Project Support

We can provide job support for an additional fee. Contact the support team for fee details. You can choose either the hourly rate or monthly fee.
Yes, for an additional fee. We'll assign an expert to finish your job. Job support is different from training.
You can choose between hourly rate and monthly fee. Rate depending on some factors like time, difficulty, and profile.

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