RPA Blue Prism Training

RPA Blue Prism Training Pre-Requisites: There are no mandatory technical requirements/prerequisites to learn any RPA tools like Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, UI Path and etc. However, knowing any programming knowledge like . NET, C# or Java.

  • Duration: 40+ hours
  • Fast-track / Weekend batches
  • 100% Practical Training
  • 08+ Years Exp Faculty
  • Project Explanation
  • Real time Scenarios
  • Free Bundle Videos
  • Sample Resumes
  • Interview Q&A

Introduction to blue prism

  • Introduction to blue prism
  • BluePrism Architecture
  • BluePrism Dashboard

Overview of Blue Prism Modules


  • Process Studio
  • Object Studio
  • Control Room
  • Dashboard
  • Release Manager
  • System Manager

Process Studio

  • Creating process with the below stages
  • Process Flow
  • Create, Edit, Save, Test, Compare, Delete Process
  • Open and Executing a Process
  • It is the graphical representation of a working computer program, one that will interact with applications, manipulate data and perform decisions and Calculations.


  • Decision Stage
  • Calculation Stage
  • Data Item
  • Collections
  • Loops
  • Page Reference

Controlling Play

  • Controlling the Process Validation

Object Studio

  • Creating object with below stages
  • Read Stage
  • Write Stage
  • Code Stage
  • Wait Stage
  • Navigate Stage
  • Application Modeler

Application Modeler provides 4 types of spy modes based on the application that we choose.

  • Win32 mode
  • Accessibility mode
  • Region mode
  • Html mode

How to define attributes in application modeler

  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Environment Variables
  • Session Variables
  • Case Management

Work Queue Features

  • Creating Work Queue

Surface Automation

  • Spying with different spy modes
  • Running a process
  • Control Room
  • Scheduler

Our Happy Student Reviews!

About RPA Blue Prism Course

SVR Technologies works with an operation to be one of the finest RPA blue prism online training centers that offers all the newest updated RPA blue prism course online training in various environments . 

Blue Prism is a software development company in the field of Robotic Process Automation. BluePrism Group is the Organization that has come with the enterprise Robotic Process Automation software named Blue Prism, which helps in decreasing high risk and low return manual data entry work. The blue prism group supplies software robots that work as a human being. The Robotic Process Automation was developed by Blue Prism. 

The company pioneers in RPA software development. Blue Prism software enables business operations to be able to move quickly and cost-effective by automating, manual, rule-based, repetitive back-office processes and improving accuracy by developing a “Digital Workforce”. The Blue prism tool offers a flow chart like a designer with dragand drops feature to automate each step of the business processes.

RPA Blue Prism CV & Interview

Even after the completion of course, we will provide you some interview questions where you can concentrate on them.

Yeah, Even after the completion of course, we will provide you some interview questions where you can concentrate on them.

We provide excellent study materials and customizable course curriculum to students for superior quality training and we also provide videos recordings which support throughout your career.

At the completion of this course, with hands-on training definitely give you confidence that you go in an interview with leaving 3 years of experience.

RPA Blue Prism certification

we will guide you and give you a clear picture about certification procedure.

All the topics will be covered during the course. We provide question banks which will be helpful for you to attempt for certification.

Even after completion, of course, you can approach a trainer if you have any doubt regarding certification.

Surely, We provide the certification sample queries and references.

The certification has multiple impacts and encouraging factors in the recruitment of experts. Organizations claim that hiring certified professionals has served them with greater deployment and yield on investment. Check Cloud Career Building Up Force for New-age IT Professionals to understand the career benefits.

RPA Blue Prism Salary & Career Growth

The future scope of RPA is infinite and huge or very high. 
There are various human jobs that can be observed in the field of data entry and data rekeying jobs. This field includes the innovative level of decision-making and job implications.

If fresher can get placed in a company placed as RPA Developer salary range between 3–4 lacs per annum.

Career scope of RPA:

The future scope of RPA is infinite and huge or very high. 
There are various human jobs that can be observed in the field of data entry and data rekeying jobs. This field includes the innovative level of decision- making and job implications. 
The candidate who likes to build their career in RPA can learn any of this tool to implement

the RPA in the future. This field grows their career views.

The RPA will be used in various industries and domains. It will be utilized in industries such as banking and insurance and will also show its impact on industries like manufacturing industries, oil and gas industries, retail and hotel industries.

Industry growth and widespread of RPA will drive job growth. Several types of jobs areavailable in RPA, including developer, project manager, and consultant, etc. Also, you will find
job postings for RPA tech writers, process designers, and production managers.

RPA Blue Prism Job Support

We Provide job support by experienced and real-time working professionals. We can charge as per your convenience hourly or monthly. Feel free to ask initial interaction session with expert.

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