Scala Training Online

Anyone can start Scala Training Online course with Knowledge of Java syntax and OOPs concept. We provide a 35-hour Scala course taught by instructors with more than 10 years of real-time experience. The course includes real-world assignments and the faculty will direct you toward setting a work environment to practice assignments.

Assistance in CV preparation, interview questions answers, and materials are part of the training program. We do advise taking a one-hour session every day, From Monday through Friday, but one can also look into the weekend, fast-track, one-on-one, or customized programs.


Scala Developer Career

✔️Scala Pre-requisites

Knowledge of Java syntax and OOPs concept.

✔️Jobs On Scala

Top IT MNC such as Capgemini, Cognizant, IBM, Infosys, Accenture, etc.,

✔️Scala Developer Salary

The average salary for a Scala Developer with 4 years experience in India is ₹7,29,780.

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Introduction to Scala

  • Why Scala?
  • What is Scala?
  • Introducing Scala
  • Installing Scala
  • Journey — Java to Scala
  • First Dive — Interactive Scala
  • Writing Scala Scripts – Compiling Scala Programs
  • Scala Basics
  • Scala Basic Types
  • Defining Functions
  • IDE for Scala
  • Scala Community

Scala Essentials

  • Immutability in Scala — Semicolons
  • Scala Method Declarations
  • Literals, Lists, Tuples, Options and Maps
  • Reserved Words
  • Operators
  • Scala Precedence Rules
  • If statements
  • Scala For Comprehensions
  • While Loops
  • Do-While Loops
  • Conditional Operators in Scala
  • Pattern Matching
  • Enumeration

Traits and OOP’s In Scala

  • Traits Intro — Traits as Mixins
  • Stackable Traits
  • Creating Traits Basic OOPS — Class and Object Basics
  • Scala Constructors
  • Nested Scala Classes
  • Visibility Rules

Functional Programming In Scala And Use Traits As Mixins

  • What is Functional Programming?
  • Functional Literals and Closures
  • Recursion
  • Tail Calls
  • Scala Functional Data Structures
  • Implicit Function Parameters in Scala
  • Call by Name and Call by Value

Practice Test & Interview Questions

SVR technologies offers advanced Scala interview questions and answers. Take a free sample practice test before appearing in the certification to improve your chances of scoring.

Scala Course FAQ's

01. can you help me in CV preparation?
Yes, We can help you preparing your resume.

02. will you help in interview preparation?
We can provide you interview question answers. The course covered many real-time examples. These examples might help you.

03. Is this course sufficient to get a job?
Our training covered as many real-time examples as we can. This course may equivalent to 2 to 3 years of work experience. You have to work hard if you are aimed at 4+ years of experience.

04. What’s the certification process?
Please come with an exam code. We’ll guide you further. We’ll guide you on how to get certified. Don’t worry, we’ll help you in certification process.

05. Can you provide Work Support?
We can provide job support for an additional fee. Contact the support team for fee details. You can choose either the hourly rate or monthly fee.

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