Selenium Training

Selenium Pre-Requisites: You Will learn Selenium Training – Good knowledge of Java, Fundamental knowledge of Oops HTML, CSS and JavaScript Programming, RDBMS and SQL database triggers.

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1. Selenium Introduction & Overview
  • Selenium Introduction & Overview
  • Selenium Introduction and Importance
  • Selenium Components- Selenium IDE , Selenium RC, Selenium Web Driver, Selenium Grid
  • Selenium Basic Test
  • How to create a Package in Eclipse?
  • How to create java class in Eclipse?
  • What is a method & How to write a method in a Java Class ?
  • What is selenium web driver?
  • How to identify Web Elements?
  • Driver instructions
  • Importance of @Test
  • Run Basic Test
2. Java Basics & Programming 
  • Java_Selenium_Highlight Web Element border
  • Java_Static Methods
  • Java_Static Methods with Parameters
  • Java_Non Static Methods
  •  Java_Non Static Methods with Parameters
3. Web Element Locators / Identify Web Elements in a Page
  • ID
  • Name
  • Class Name
  • Tag Name
  • Link Text
  • Partial Link Text
  • CSS Selector
  • XPath
4. TestNG Data Provider
  • TestNG Data Provider Lab1
  • TestNG Data Provider Lab2
  • TestNG Data Provider Lab2
5. TestNG Parameters
  • TestNG Parameters Lab1
  • TestNG Parameters Lab2
6. Reports in Selenium
  • Default Email able Report in Selenium(Reporter. Log)
  • Customize -Email able Report (Reporter1.Log)
  • Take Screenshot program a€” Capture Screenshot
7. TestNG Annotations
  • Test
  • Before Test
  • After Test
  • Before Suite
  • After Suite
8. Action Class
  • Handling Mouse/Key board operations
  • Special Elements
9. Robot Class
  • Handling Desktop Operations
  • File Upload & Download
10. Selenium Web Driver Synchronization or Wait Commands
  • Implicit Wait
  • Explicit Wait
  • Fluent Wait
  • Thread. Sleep
11. Katalan Recorder
  • Selenium Script generation using Katalon recorder
12. Java Script Executor 
  • Handling Web Elements using Java Script Executor
  • Vertical or Horizontal Scrolling
13. Handling List box / Drop down 
  • selectByVisibleText
  • selectByIndex
  • eselectByValue
14. Handling Multiple Windows
  • Handling Multiple Windows
15. Handling | frames Handling Iframes – 3 ways Basically , we can switch over the Web elements in frames using 3 ways
  •  By Index
  •  By Name or Id
  • By Web Element
16. Managing Priority Order
  • Managing Priority Order
17. Handling Alerts
  • Handling Alerts
18. Handling Web Tables
  • driver.FindElements
19. Apache POI
  • Read/write Test data from .xis
  • Read/ write Test data from .xlsx
20. Parallel Test Executions
  • Parallel Tests
  • Parallel Classes
  • Parallel methods
21. Handling Alerts
  • Alert popup messages
22. How to create Projects in Eclipse
  • Create New Maven Project
  • Import an existing Maven Project in to eclipse
23. Project Work Two frameworks will be covered as part of the course
  • Page Object Model
  • Data Driven Framework
  • Page Factory
  • Keyword driven frame work
  • BDD Cucumber framework
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About Selenium Training Course

The entire goal and motive of SVR Technologies, selenium online training are to deliver effective timely training with the medium of the online, physical classroom and corporate training.

Selenium Training is being used by most of the world’s top multinationals. There are no prerequisites for learning Selenium. Leads who need to develop or improve automation techniques using Selenium.

  • Software Developers
  • Testers, QA Engineers
  • System Analysts
  • Administrators
  • BI and ETL professionals

Our Expert trainer will provide an in-depth knowledge of a Selenium project which focuses on all the critical components of Selenium.


After the Selenium, you will able to understand other reasons behind Selenium’s growing popularity are:

  • Allows checkers to write Selenium’s code in 7 different programming languages are Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, Perl, and JavaScript
  • In background it allows testers to perform tests on different types of operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android
  • Utmost of all, we can blend it with frameworks like Test NG, JUnit & N Unit for managing and generating reports of test cases

You can increase your visibility and improve your efficiency and draw real connections between different components of Testing Tool Training. You will also get the complete selenium automation testing tutorial covering all the aspects of this Selenium project.

While the selection of training method is at your end, we will keep up with the timing, schedules, Selenium of lessons and tutorials. We assure you that you model maximized knowledge and practical approach to the selected certification. We will provide you with the learning materials, videos and assignments (As for courses) to gain expertise in the program.
Selenium is an automation testing tool. Before you get carried away, let me inform you that Selenium is only testing of web applications is possible. We can neither test any desktop (software) application nor test any mobile application using Selenium. There are many tools for testing software and mobile applications like IBM’s RFT, HP’s QPT, Appius and many more. But, the focus of this Selenium is, testing dynamic web applications and why Selenium is the best for that purpose.

Selenium Training is a sequence of software tools used to automate web browser testing. It is an open-source tool and is mainly used for functional testing and regression testing. Which is a major advantage over other testing tools? Selenium Tutorial is a portable software testing framework that is used for Automated Testing. In this selenium training online you will learn about the Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Web driver API, its installation, and work with various components and tools for software testing.

Selenium online training course provides you the skill to automate any web-based application using selenium. Selenium Training are invented systematically by the industry-expert trainers to understand easily and increase Selenium skills quickly. We build high-quality with live examples & provide complete guidance during the training & after the Training is over. You can gain high-level knowledge of Selenium.

People who learn Selenium acquire the following

  • Summary of Selenium Introduction, Selenium Commands, IDE Features
  • Running the test suite from Selenium Core
  • Learning the API, Retrieving and Reporting Results
  • Understanding the test run from eclipse, Selenium IDE, Selenium RC
  • Learn about Selenium Components, Supported Browsers, and Selenium Test Design Considerations
  • You should execute a real-time project based on the complete course curriculum
  • Advanced study of SIKULI, JUnit, Test NG Plugin in Eclipse
  • Learn about Object Repository and Maven
  • Introduction to Selenium WebDriver
  • WebDriver programs like Textbox, Checkbox, and multiple Windows
  • Use Selenium Grid for software testing

Modules of Selenium:

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium Grid
  • Selenium Web driver
  • Client API

Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE):

In Selenium Tutorial, Selenium IDE is the easiest and smoothest of all the tools within the Selenium Module. Its recording and playback peculiarities make it especially easy to learn with insignificant acquaintances to any programming language. We have some advantages, and few disadvantages of Selenium IDE, hence making it unsuitable to use in case of more advanced test scripts.

Advantages of Selenium IDE

  • Easy to record and playback
  • Capabilities of converting tests in HTML, Java, and various other languages.
  • No previous programming language experience required
  • Debugging and set breakpoints
  • Flexibility and extensibility

Selenium Remote Control (RC):

In Selenium Classes, Selenium Remote Control is also known as Selenium RC, it is nothing but a server that was written in Java. It makes use of HTTP to accept commands intended for browsers. Selenium RC came as a determination to overcome the various disadvantages acquired by Selenium IDE or Core. With the help and cooperation of Selenium RC, you can compose cases automatic in any programming language. It provides the driver for, Dot NET, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Perl.

Advantages of Selenium RC

  • Supports programming language and constructs.
  • Support a wide range of browser and platforms.
  • Maintain errors handling and database testing.
  • Maintain test data-driven testing.
  • Patron testing frameworks like Test NG and Junit.

Selenium Grid:

When you wish to accomplish lateral execution, Selenium Grid comes into the view. It is a server that uses web browser instances running on remote machines. So you can run your tests on a remote browser spreading the testing load and performing the parallel execution. With Selenium Grid, one server acts as the hub.

Selenium Web driver:

WebDriver is also a web-based testing tool with a precise difference with Selenium RC. Because the tool was built on the fundamental where a remote client was created for each of the web browsers. WebDriver is clean and purely an object-oriented framework. This guided to a compatibility analysis between Selenium RC and WebDriver. As a result of which automated testing tool was developed called Selenium 2.

Advantages of Selenium Web driver

  • Maintenance of 7 programming languages: Java, C#, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python and JavaScript.
  • Analyses and performed on different operating systems like: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Client API

Selenium Client API is a framework developed to encapsulate the lead implementation of the operations, Selenium Client API has been developed and supports in multiple programming languages like Java, C#, Dot Net, JavaScript, python etc. With the appearance of Selenium 2, a new Client API with Web driver as its main component was introduced.

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Selenium Interview & Resume

Even after the completion of Selenium Training, we will provide you some interview questions where you can concentrate on them.

Yeah, After the completion of course, we will provide you some Selenium interview questions where you can concentrate on them.

We provide excellent selenium tutorial and customizable course curriculum to students for superior quality training and faculty covered enough real-time examples as part of the course. Check with faculty for further Power BI materials interview references at the end of the course.

At the completion of this Selenium Training, with hands-on training definitely give you confidence that you go in an interview with leaving 3 years of experience.

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Selenium Certification

we will guide you and give you a clear picture about certification procedure during the time of Selenium Training.

About Exam & Certification

Selenium Automation testing certification prepared and honored by Agile Testing Alliance.

You should attend and have to complete one batch,

Exam Format:

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • 50 No of Questions
  • Passing marks: 25 (50%).
  • There is NO negative marking
  • 30+exam centers in India.

Our Selenium will prepare you for this Selenium certification from the mark by covering all the material, and other CP-SAT topics.

All the topics will be covered during the Selenium Training. We provide question banks which will be helpful for you to attempt for certification.

Even after completion, of Selenium Training, you can approach a trainer if you have any doubt regarding certification.

Surely, We provide the certification sample queries and references during the time of Selenium Training.

The certification in the Selenium Training has multiple impacts and encouraging factors in the recruitment of experts. Organizations claim that hiring certified professionals has served them with greater deployment and yield on investment. Check Cloud Career Building Up Force for New-age IT Professionals to understand the career benefits.

Selenium Training Faq's

It is in great demand as it gives you better exposure in the industry. Many experts recommend Selenium as a tool nowadays because it is an open source framework and after all free to use.

  • The average salary range of Selenium Test Engineers in India is between 3,50,000 and 5,00,000.
  • The Senior automation engineers earn a salary of >7,00,000. In US salary is between $40,000 and $75,000
    A Senior Test Automation Engineer's average salary is around 8lakhs/annum

Java and expertise in implementing Selenium Frameworks.

  • Meeting with system users to understand the scope of projects
  • Working with software developers and project support teams
  • Identifying business requirements
  • Project planning
  • Monitoring applications and software systems
  • Writing and executing test scripts
  • Running manual and automated tests in different environments including web and mobile
  • Writing bug reports
  • Resource planning
  • Reviewing documentation

Yes, Selenium can be learnt and implemented easily with the knowledge of QTP.

  • QTP is not an open source tool, but Selenium is an open source tool
  • QTP can be used to test wide variety of applications, while
  • Selenium can be used to test only web based applications
    QTP supports only VB scripting, Selenium supports scripting in different languages like Java, .Net, Python etc.
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