Weblogic Training Online

Anyone can start Weblogic training because there are no prior requirements necessary. We provide a 25-hour Java course taught by instructors with more than 10 years of real-time experience. The course includes real-world assignments and the faculty will direct you toward setting a work environment to practice assignments.

Assistance in CV preparation, interview questions answers, and materials are part of the training program. We do advise taking a one-hour session every day, From Monday through Friday, but one can also look into the weekend, fast-track, one-on-one, or customized programs.

Weblogic Admin Career

✔️Weblogic Pre-requisites

Basic Computer Knowledge.

✔️Jobs On Weblogic

Top IT MNC such as Capgemini, Cognizant, IBM, Infosys, Accenture, etc.,

✔️Weblogic Admin Salary

The average salary for a Weblogic Admin with 3 years experience in India is ₹7.5 lakhs PA.

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Topic 01: Overview of Application Server
Topic 02: Understanding 2 tier architecture
Topic 03: Understanding 3 tier architecture
Topic 04: Weblogic architecture
Topic 05: Weblogic Installation
Topic 06: System Requirements
Topic 07: Installation Modes
Topic 08: Installation on Unix
Topic 09: Installation on Windows
Topic 10: Understand Weblogic Domain
Topic 11: Creation and configura of weblogic domain
Topic 12: Directory Structure in domains
Topic 13: Creation of Admin Server
Topic 14: Creation of Managed Server
Topic 15: Node Manager
Topic 16: How to create and configure Machines
Topic 17: Configure Nodemanage
Topic 18: rEnroll Node manager with domains
Topic 19: Start and Stop Nodemanager
Topic 20: Cluster
Topic 21: What is a cluster and why it is used
Topic 22: Create and Configure cluster
Topic 23: Different modes of cluster communication
Topic 24: Different load balancing algorithms
Topic 25: Deployment
Topic 26: Deploying application using console mode
Topic 27: Deploying application using wlst
Topic 28: Deploying application using java utility
Topic 29: Error codes
Topic 30: Common errors encountered in deployment
Topic 31: JDBC
Topic 32: JDBC Architecture
Topic 33: Creation of DataSource and Connections pools
Topic 34: Configuring JNDI
Topic 35: Connecting to database and testing
Topic 36: Tuning
Topic 37: JMS
Topic 38: Understand JMS Architecture
Topic 39: Create Queues, Topic, Connection Factories
Topic 40: Send messages to queues and topics
Topic 41: Best Practices
Topic 42: Security
Topic 43: User Creation in Weblogic
Topic 44: Assigning roles to users
Topic 45: Creating/configuring Authentication providers
Topic 46: Authenticating Users with remote authentication providers
Topic 47: SSL configuration
Topic 48: JVM Performance Tuning
Topic 49: Understand heap size –Xms and –Xmx
Topic 50: Understand PermGenSpace
Topic 51: Understand GC Algorithm
Topic 52: Understand Garbage Collector
Topic 53: How to take Heap dump
Topic 54: How to analyze heap dump
Topic 55: How to take thread Dump
Topic 56: How to analyze thread dump
Topic 57: Webserver to Weblogic Integration
Topic 58: What is a webserver
Topic 59: Webserver plugin
Topic 60: Configuring Webserver to connect with weblogic
Topic 61: Test the configuration

Weblogic Course FAQ's

01. can you help me in CV preparation?
Yes, We can help you preparing your resume.

02. will you help in interview preparation?
We can provide you interview question answers. The course covered many real-time examples. These examples might help you.

03. Is this course sufficient to get a job?
Our training covered as many real-time examples as we can. This course may equivalent to 2 to 3 years of work experience. You have to work hard if you are aimed at 4+ years of experience.

04. What’s the certification process?
Please come with an exam code. We’ll guide you further. We’ll guide you on how to get certified. Don’t worry, we’ll help you in certification process.

05. Can you provide Work Support?
We can provide job support for an additional fee. Contact the support team for fee details. You can choose either the hourly rate or monthly fee.

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