Workday Online Training

Workday Training Pre-Requisites: Basic knowledge on Human Resource Management and Any ERP like PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, etc. 

  • Duration: 30+ hours
  • Fast-track / Weekend batches
  • 100% Practical Training
  • 10+ Years Exp Faculty
  • Project Explanation
  • Real time Scenarios
  • Free Bundle Videos
  • Sample Resumes
  • Interview Q&A

Core concepts and Navigation Basics

  • Core Concept Overview
  • Business Objects
  • Basic Navigation
  • Landing Pages
  • Related Action Menus
  • Search
  • Slide-out tabs
  • Hyperlinks
  • Additional Navigation Topics
  • Actionable Reports
  • Single and Multi-select prompt fields
  • Standard Screen Icons
  • Task Page Icons
  • Workfeed
  • Configuration options
  • Find Worker

 Organizations in workday

  • Organization types
  • Supervisory Organizations
  • Reorganization
  • Setup of supervisory org structure
  • Managing supervisory organization
  • Creating a subordinate org
  • Dividing a supervisory org
  • Additional org types
  • Organization Hierarchies
  • Organization Assignments on supervisory org
  • Organizational Reports

 Staffing Models

  • staffing models
  • Maintaining Staffing Types of Staffing Models
  • Configuring individual staffing model
  • Hiring Restrictions
  • Position Management
  • Headcount Management
  • Job Management
  • Differentiating between Models

Jobs and Positions

  • Job Profiles
  • Differentiating Job profiles, Job families, Job family groups
  • Job profiles and Localizations
  • Management Level Hierarchy
  • Creating Job profile
  • Creating Position and Headcount Groups
  • Managing Filled and Unfilled Position and Headcount Groups
  • Creating Positions
  • Edit Position Restrictions
  • Close Position vs. Managing a Hiring Freeze


  • Compensation Components
  • Creating Compensation
  • Compensation Rules
  • Compensation Reports
  • Compensation Packages
  • Compensation Grades
  • Bonus plans
  • Amount based
  • Percent based
  • Salary and Hourly plans
  • Compensation Segment Security
  • Initiating Compensation Event

Security Groups

  • Security Group Types
  • Configuring Role based security
  • Configuring Job based security
  • Configuring User based security
  • Components of Configurable security
  • Functional Areas, Securable Items and Security Policies
  • Domain security policies
  • Business process security policies
  • Security Reports

Business Process

  • Business Process Framework
  • Business Process Step types
  • Business Process Configuration Options
  • Default
  • Customize
  • Business Process Functionality
  • Completion Steps
  • Due Date and Alerts
  • Delays and Routing Restrictions
  • Business sub processes
  • Deploying Business Processes
  • Business Process Reports


  • Standard Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Report Writer
  • Data Sources
  • Class Report fields
  • Create Report
  • Report type, Data source
  • Objects, Fields
  • Order columns
  • Sort outputs
  • Filter criteria
  • Business Object

Calculated Fields

  • Creating various kinds of Calculated Fields
  • Calculated Field Reports
  • Text functions
  • Working with Related Business Objects
  • Extract Single Instance
  • Extract Multi Instance
  • System wide vs. Report specific Calculated fields
  • Security Admin Perspective – Calculated Fields


  • iLoads
  • Data push
  • Data extraction
  • Kinds of Data load
  • Foundation
  • Master
  • Implementation Suites
  • Implementation Areas
  • Implementation Tasks

 Transactions in workday

  • Creating Applicants
  • Hiring in Supervisory Organizations
  • Assigning User based security groups
  • Hire into position/job/headcount management
  • Staffing movement
  • Termination
  • Request Delegation, Rescind
  • Move workers and Inactivate supervisory organizations
  • Workday Accounts
  • Viewing Personal data

Our Happy Student Reviews!

About Workday Course

SVR Technologies works with an operation to be one of the finest workday online training centers that offers all the newest updated workday course online training in various environments . 

Workday is a software vendor of cloud-based ERP that specializes in HCM (human capital management) and financial management applications.

Workday delivers user and supervisory tools across financials, HR, planning, talent, payroll, analytics, student and more from a single system. Workday will especially improve HR and Payroll compliance, reduce risk, provide better data for decision making, and increase capabilities across the institution.

Workday CV & Interview

Even after the completion of course, we will provide you some interview questions where you can concentrate on them.

Yeah, Even after the completion of course, we will provide you some interview questions where you can concentrate on them.

We provide excellent study materials and customizable course curriculum to students for superior quality training and we also provide videos recordings which support throughout your career.

At the completion of this course, with hands-on training definitely give you confidence that you go in an interview with leaving 3 years of experience.

Workday certification

we will guide you and give you a clear picture about certification procedure.

Learn workday course at SVR technologies, it provides workday training videos. After completion of the training, that will give you scope on your certification and skill. The workday leads to get good percentage in the certification exam, and then the user will be entitled to get the certification. SVR technologies provide workday online training which can be either paid or free you can take workday online and complete the course, and then get certification for your knowledge on the workday course. There will be tests After the workday Training program, that reflects perfectly the type of questions asked in the certification exams and helps you score better marks in the certification exam. And the passing score is more than 60 %. Once you are qualified for the exam then you will become workday certified. Going through Workday certification will make you an excellent business professional.
Workday training teaches you how to master core concepts and navigate the Workday HCM suite. It also teaches you how to manage Workday Reports, Studios, and Cloud Connectors. Workday training also gives you knowledge on Workday Suite and its business processes, knowledge of Workday’s best practices.

All the topics will be covered during the course. We provide question banks which will be helpful for you to attempt for certification.

Even after completion, of course, you can approach a trainer if you have any doubt regarding certification.

Surely, We provide the certification sample queries and references.

The certification has multiple impacts and encouraging factors in the recruitment of experts. Organizations claim that hiring certified professionals has served them with greater deployment and yield on investment. Check Cloud Career Building Up Force for New-age IT Professionals to understand the career benefits.

Workday Salary & Career Growth

A workday is a continuous development software company and delivers software as a service model. Workday provides management with a way to supervise employee data, time tracking, acquirement, outlay management and financial accounting.

For fresher level Rs 2,16,000 per year, For 2 to 3 years of experience Rs 3,12,000 per year, For minimum 4 years of experience you will get Rs 7,00,000 per year.

Workday is surmised to grow at the best rate than the industry average value. In the next three years, the Workday Company's annual earnings growth graph increase day by day.
Career Opportunities in Workday HCM:
Workday Consultant.
Workday Architect.
Workday Manager
Workday Analyst.
Workday Project Manager.
Workday Functional Consultant.

Workday Job Support

We Provide job support by experienced and real-time working professionals. We can charge as per your convenience hourly or monthly. Feel free to ask initial interaction session with expert.

General FAQs!

The best way to learn Workday module is online. There are many online workday tutorials are present. But the best option is SVR technologies online workday training it gives much knowledge on workday and makes you an excellent professional.

Workday HCM is a very insistent cloud-based Human Resource Management and finance software. Due to its various characteristics, it is easy to learn and implement.

It depends on your interest and patience. Generally it takes to complete the course in two months. And also it depends on the quality of training. With workday tutorial videos we can learn in 20 hours.

It is very easy to become workday consultant but only thing, you need to do be get trained After face and crack the interview then you can become the Workday consultant. But choose the best training then only you can become a skilled professional. Workday in Hyderabad is also best training center to learn workday modules. It provide workday tutorial videos and workday tutorial for beginners.

There are many places where you can start learning Workday. In the developing world of the World Wide Web, the world looks very small. Someone could choose the training everywhere and from anywhere. It is not essential that a candidate has to be in USA or India or any other part of the world. Find a lot of tools from where it is very likely to learn workday.

SVR Technologies is one of the best institutes for Workday HCM training. As SVR technologies is the online training provider, it caters to the whole world like India, NCR region, USA, etc.

You should know the basics of workday and then choose best online training workday course. It helps you to learn workday. Follow workday tutorial videos to quick learn.